Dr Caroline Keddie




12 Months



Wellbrix is a modular massage system, designed by Dr Caroline Keddie alongside professional athletes, to help target muscle stress and knots. The product replaces the foam roller, as a more targeting way of relieving tension. The magnetic system allows the combination of different blocks to fit to your body and target areas. RPD helped Dr Keddie turn her idea into a commercial product, launching for global e-commerce after a successful Kickstarter campaign.

Dr Caroline Keddie initially came to us with a basic concept of a product that replaced the foam roller, as a more targeted way to release tension in muscles.

We worked with Dr Keddie to prototype multiple shapes and systems, for testing in her work and for testing by professional athlete partners.

We developed the magnetic system as a way to give flexibility in the solution, and allow users to customise the product to their body.

RPD carried out a development process, to optimise the product for manufacture, before setting up and operating a production supply chain.

We managed the global import and export of the product, delivering it to customers all around the world.




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