Radbot Smart Radiator Valve






9 Months


The Radbot TRV controls radiators to help reduce energy costs, focussed on large housing projects. It fits to a standard radiator valve and collects information about occupancy in the room, using light sensors. With this information, the Radbot is able to automatically adjust the individual temperature of radiators around a building, to reduce energy wastage and heating bills.

The product has been designed for primary use in housing developments and commercial spaces using older heating systems that require operating cost optimisation. Vestemi have carried out years of research into the space, working hard to develop algorithms that can efficiently vary the temperature around older style water based heating systems.

We helped Vestemi develop and launch their open-source heating control valve. They arrived at RPD with a working prototype and grand ambitions. We were able to support the development of the project into a commercial ready project.

One of the largest barriers was cost – applying so much technology to a very powerful device was a challenge. RPD went as far as re-designing off the shelf components like potentiometers to help reduce the cost and size of components in the product.

We went on to support the setup of a supply chain. This operation was based across 3 core suppliers in China, with a network of supporting tier 2 and 3 facilities for component supply.

RPD lead the certification process, obtaining standard CE verification alongside some industry specific UL conformities.

We established a continuous production line, that delivered units into the UK through winter 2018, with plans to scale in 2019.




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