Chronos GPS Tracker




Europe & Africa


12 Months



The Chronos unit is part of Tallyos’ next generation resource management service, allowing performance tracking and time management.


RPD is working with Tallyos to develop and manufacture their first product, Chronos. Chronos is a GPS tracker with Bluetooth communications, specially designed for companies with large mobile workforces in  construction and waste management industries.

RPD works with Tallyos to support their engineering, design for manufacture and global supply chain.

RPD successfully manufactured a pilot production and subsequently redesigned the unit to improve and optimise its performance and cost. Manufacturing will continue in 2019.

The redesign of the Chronos unit has focused around improving the functionality of the product while reducing BOM cost. The new GNSS module enables the unit to search all satellite constellations to ensure a higher accuracy of location tracking while the firmware on the device has been written from scratch to ensure the device consumes as little power as possible.




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