Project details

Tilt was designed to bring realism to indoor cycle training...

The Brief

Tilt was designed to bring realism to indoor cycle training. The challenge was to design an indoor bike that is able to pivot and steer in a way most realistic to both feeling and muscle movement. This ultra-realism helps professionals improve the realism in their training and helps amateurs engage in their at-home training.

The Project

 The project focussed on taking existing lab prototypes and developing them into producible products. We worked to make the bike customisable for riders, whilst scalable for production purposes. The complex spring geometry to allow tilting was a significant modelling challenge.

The Product

The product is an indoor cycle trainer, providing professional riding geometry with the realistic feel of a bike that tilts and steers. This activates the right muscles to provide ultra-realistic training environments, along with the feedback and resistance provided by the motor.


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