Project details

The award-winning instrument for kids

The Brief

Spark and Rocket are on a mission to develop products that help children develop their knowledge of playing and reading music. They came to RPD to help bring their prototypes to life, developing detailed technical engineering solutions and setting up a supply chain to deliver their initial Kickstarter.

The Project

We worked with Spark and Rocket’s founder to develop engineering solutions to some of the challenges. We were looking to find a way to identify each ‘bop’ as a musical note, without complex electronics. The resulting solution reduced unit cost and wastage in the supply chain as we scaled past Kickstarter and into retail volumes.

The Product

Soundbops is an educational musical instrument, helping children learn. RPD partnered with Soundbops to develop the product invented by an award-winning young entrepreneur. The colourful ‘bops’ help teach children about musical notation as they play.


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