Project details

The mobile platform for assessment and training of hand and arm functions

The Brief

GripAble asked RPD to develop their connected consumer medical device for market. To develop the hardware, firmware and electronics to produce force and movement measurement, alongside a facility to use the device as a control for a tablet or computer.

The Project

RPD worked with Gripable to transform their initial industrial design and 3D printed prototypes into various engineering prototypes and developed a system for providing force feedback to the patient to record their rehabilitation progress. RPD set up the supply chain for manufacturing Gripable units for patients and have scaled that supply chain for larger volumes.

The Product

Gripable is a connected rehabilitation device for those with hand and arm trauma, such as patients in stroke recovery. The device allows for squeeze and motion exercises to be carried out in home or hospital as an input to a tablet to control games, books and other engaging ways to ensure therapy is adhered to.


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