Ben Andrews

Technical Lead

Makes impossible technical challenges, possible

T.020 3745 7041

Jacelyn Meller


Anna Wintour meets Harley Quinn

T.020 3745 7041

Elizabeth Greenwood

Senior Mechanical Engineer

Educating the next generation, one product at a time.

T.020 3745 7041

Louiza Loizou

Senior Electronic Engineer

Passionate about medical devices that make a difference. Baking GODDESS.

T.020 3745 7041

Alex Gee

Senior Mechanical Engineer

Works best under pressure (hydraulics specialist)

T.020 3745 7041

Jessica Green

Account Manager

Translates 'engineer' into human

Marien Mupepele

Senior Technical Firmware Manager

From football to firmware

T.020 3745 7041

Liam Martin

Electronic Engineer

Where creativity meets science

T.020 3745 7041

Louis Fox

Senior Electronics Engineer

No boom boom when he’s in charge of the electrics
T.020 3745 7041

Ant Pritchard

Mechanical Engineer

Taking heavy engineering down to scale

T.020 3745 7041

Wei Chin

Production Manager

Builds the products that keep us in beers
T.020 3745 7041

Muazu Isa

Mechanical Engineer

Mech Motivation Machine
T.020 3745 7041

Iqra Wraich

Management Accountant

Making the world go round
T.020 3745 7041

Felipe Iglesias

Engineering Project Manager

Keeping China Strong
T.+86 13126536955

Denis Xiang

Production Engineer

Solving the challenges of manufacturing
T.+86 13126536955

Seri Yang

Procurement Manager

Managing really big shopping sprees
T.+86 13126536955

Paul Jenkins

Production Manager

Making Manufacturing Happen
T.+44 (0) 20 3745 7041

Josh Chidwick

Mechanical Engineer

Human Centric, Engineer Centric
T.020 3745 7041

Oscar Malicki

Mechanical Engineer

Mass Manufacture Master
T.+44 (0) 20 3745 7041

Josh Valman


Harry Potter meets Jimmy Neutron



Guy Weiynk


Chairman Guy, leader of our people

T.020 3745 7041

Pierre Harrant


Ex-MD of RPD, now a Board guru

T.020 3745 7041

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