We focus on taking products from idea to production, accelerating impact where it's really needed.
Almost all of our clients have a focus on sustainability in the products they design and make. However, we have a core focus on working with clients who are aiming to change human behaviour and work together to protect society and our planet. For us, sustainability is larger than making use of recycled material, it’s about all of the product lifecycle and the products that create change for good in people’s lives.

Our sustainability projects cover rebuilding product supply chains to minimise waste, developing new products that change human behaviour and reduce our impact on the world, as well as projects that improve lives in developing nations.

At the core of RPD is a passion for accelerating the time and reducing the complexity between an idea and seeing a product in the customer's hands. In the current climate, it has become more important than ever to take action around projects that have the potential to do good in this world.
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