We develop medical devices that make a difference, as a ISO 13485:2016-accredited company.
We work with clients who produce devices that provide treatment, relief or prevention of illness and discomfort. This ranges from in-vitro diagnostics equipment, to applicators and primary packaging, to therapeutic consumer medical devices.

We specialise in helping turn research into practical devices and engineering solutions, having worked with businesses to reduce the cost of IVF treatment, reduce shaking symptoms in Parkinson’s patients by up to 70% and help stroke victims recover their physical movement amongst a range of other products.

As a manufacturing first business, we focus on the practicalities of bringing a product to market. The medical device development cycle can be long and we look to use our expertise in designing products for production and integrating new supply chains to minimise time and have an impact on patients faster. We also support our clients through the regulatory processes, working with them to build out the technical dossier, make applications to regulatory bodies and manage certification processes.
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