As the pace of innovation increases, we’re focussed on putting real innovation in customer hands
Increasingly in the last 20 years we have seen the consumer product space become ever more competitive and the volume of products on offer ever more diverse. As a result it has become critical that businesses large and small can deliver real change in their new products and see them in market before trends move on.

From home appliances, to IoT products, to consumer goods packaging we’ve worked a whole range of projects that stand out on the shelves and in user experience. We often find that the biggest sticking point in consumer product development is the gap between a consumer prototype and the large volumes needed to make a product viable.

Our services focus on getting a product through the development and into initial manufacturing volumes, allowing customers to quickly see product on shelves and iterate with true consumer insights. Our supply chains specialise in the 5-100k volumes needed to validate a new product in market. Our consumer team are here to make that process as simple as possible, helping develop projects from basic ideas or insights into prototypes, certified designs and manufactured goods on shelves. Our aim is to help you move fast and minimise the need for complex internal teams to see new products make an impact.
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