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Our focus is on minimising the impact and providing local value in every element of our supply chain
Our supply chain is subject to strict audit process that ensure the businesses contributing to our products look after the environment, their teams and their own business. Our audit process considers: the capabilities of a supplier, the safety and wellbeing of workers, the environmental impact of energy, waste and materials and the financial stability of the supplier.

A particular focus is made on the impact a supplier has on the local environment. This includes the more obvious risks of waste material, hazardous goods disposal and emissions. This also includes optimisation of processes that reduce the waste and energy uses within facilities.

From the initial concept phase, we focus on designing products to reduce manufacturing scrap, particularly in the way sub-assemblies that may fail quality control are able to be reworked and re-used on the production line. For full details of our supply chain audits and ESG commitments, please get in touch with a member of our team!
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