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Engineering Development

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Detailed engineering to bring prototypes to life
The development stage covers a range of prototype deliveries to you with our own internal testing and development.
We’ll aim to optimise and integrate the proven critical functions, and work with you on operational testing. We may isolate particular design risks to develop in parallel.

We’ll then move to develop those basic functions with the additional required features, and miniaturisation of systems for the final design. Throughout this process we will aim to make sensible DFM decisions to minimise later rework requirements.

RPD focusses heavily on testing against the agreed test plan, to develop ECNs throughout the development process.
We will make design decisions according to the required certification. We may also carry out early pre-certification validation of these design decisions.

By the end of the development phase, we aim to have a fully working product prototype that can be tested reliably in realistic circumstances. Within this stage, it may be possible to begin pre-certification testing with certified bodies. This will be confirmed during the discovery stage.
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