Setting out the specifications that define what a product will become
This phase dedicates our full project team resources to understanding the work done to date, and the provided information.

We will set up the documentation that controls the project and ensures future certification compliance. This process is essential to guiding the development properly, reducing time and costs for the rest of the project.

We’ll spend time with you, your team and with your current technology to fully understand the requirements.

We’ll build these into:
• A Functional Spec - to capture what a solution needs to do
• A Draft Technical Spec - the plan of how we will technically solve your functional requirements
• A Test Spec - to specify how prototypes and products will be tested against the spec
• A developed Project Plan - confirming the project timelines and costs, based on our detailed understanding of any additional requirements that may be disclosed
• A regulatory landscape - analysing the required certifications for your product, in your intended operating areas
• A Production Planning Outline - analysing expected volume and cost, specifying the type of design limitation these production methods result in
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