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Optimising every component for production cost and efficiency
Following field testing, with the development prototypes, we’ll move into production optimisation. We’ll begin by gathering all field-testing results that have been unearthed, and integrating these into the development plan.

We will focus on the optimisation of the design for production costs and efficiencies - according to your production volume ambitions from discovery. This may include testing multiple materials, production methods or substitute components.

We’ll work with you to establish accurate manufacturing costs, and identify where we may reduce these costs further with spec and design.

DFM stages will usually have further prototypes as we iron out final features, and test the changes that help optimise for production process and cost. We will complete the majority of certification paperwork - ready to carry out lab testing and approvals with future production samples - once in manufacturing.

This stage will result in a final set of prototypes that can be approved by you and consumers to begin opening production tooling.
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