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RPD supports businesses in finding the latest trends and opportunities. We focus on market fit and manufacturing viability, bringing detailed practical knowledge on manufacturing, differentiating from traditional agency models.


The discovery phase of a project focuses on developing and understanding how a product might work, and where it fits in the world. We work with you to build understand any market or user data and build out a full specification. This might include innovation studies to see where new opportunities might exist within your business. We bring together experts from a whole host of fields to explore and clash together ideas. Our team often carry out feasibility studies at this stage too, focusing on how an idea might be brought to life, the process, risks, costs and timelines involved in this.

The discovery stage is about bringing our knowledge and experience to your products. Unlike a lot of front-end design agencies, we focus on the practicalities of manufacturing and supply chain – bringing that consideration forwards into the design stages. This minimizes the need for drastic change in the future, and helps you to plan your timelines and costs earlier in a development cycle.

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Innovation Studies

RPD often works with businesses to understand what the future might look like. Whilst we’re not primarily a front-end design agency, our exposure to such a broad range of industries makes us well placed for this type of exploratory work.

We bring a very different approach to traditional design agency process – as RPD focusses on the future viability of each concept. We bring the knowledge and experience of manufacturing processes and supply chain, into the front-end design work. This ensures that each concept is feasible and can meet realistic price points.

Our innovation studies also incorporate an actionable plan, that evaluates how a product will be developed and produced, including estimated times and costs – helping you plan these developments into your business.

Feasibility Studies

As a business focused on execution, we often work with our clients to evaluate the feasibility of new ideas. This covers all factors of an idea, from how the product could work, to how it will be produced. Our feasibility studies tend to conclude in up to 3 proposed development plans, with a breakdown of cost, development time and forecast manufacturing costs.

Investment Due-Diligence

RPD often works with investment funds, to help them evaluate the viability of new companies, as part of the investment process. RPD will support a fund in evaluating whether proposed hardware technology is likely to function as stated in the first instance.

Further to this, we also work with the prospective company to ensure they have the full development plan in place. We will work with the management team to ensure they have all of the necessary roles and experience in place to deal with the development and manufacturing scale up of new technologies.


RPD works with you from concept, through to finished product. We work across design, engineering and electronics - integrating all of these services to reduce cost and time in handover.


The development stage is a process of producing drawings, models, prototypes and testing. It’s a phase that we carry out in the UK, with support from suppliers and other teams to consider every angle. We work according to an innovation process that takes the most audacious goals first. We look at what makes a product truly unique, and first focus on proving these features, before building in the rest of the functionality. This helps us work with you to keep the important parts of a product front and centre, and reduce the time and cost in iterating through the design and development of a product.

RPD covers a broad range of physical, electronic and software prototyping – we’re careful at this stage to be working alongside manufacturing and scaling partners, so that limitations are fully considered. We’ll help you develop the prototypes you need to test with your customers, whilst controlling preparations for scaling a successful product, with an efficient supply chain.

As part of the development phase, we can also support product testing programs. Whilst we do not host these market research programs ourselves, we often support client teams in understand the questions to be asking and how to interpret the data. Here we have a unique sensor technology to help you understand what people really do with a product, and gain insight into real human behavior.

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Product Development

RPD primarily works with businesses to help bring new products to market. We work in several formats, to include your teams in the most suitable way. Often our team will work externally from your business, accelerating the development process, with key milestone involvements from the client. Alternatively we have also embedded teams in a client facility, or brought client teams into our facility as part of the development process.

Our product development scope covers everything from conceptual design and development, through to advanced technology development for custom system on chip solutions.

Product Testing and Insight

RPD does not directly carry out product market testing, however we do support the process. We develop a sensor technology to help understand true user behaviour, and avoid the bias of observation testing.

Design for Manufacture

RPD works hard to optimize products for manufacturing throughout the development process. However once a design is complete and prototypes have been approved, we take projects through a specific DFM process.

This process considers how to reduce cost, and reduce failure rate in production. Considering part shapes and how this works with their necessary manufacturing techniques.

As part of the DFM process, we will also be developing the necessary manufacturing documents – including assembly documentation, a process for evaluating and responding to quality control.


RPD is a specialist in scaling manufacturing and works with you on cost-down, certification, testing and optimisation for the product and supply chain. Our facilities are designed to help you begin returning on investment, whilst developing internal production capabilities.


RPD operates 120 factories, all over the world. We’re focused on building supply chain programs that help you go from market validation, into scale. We operate local teams, in the factories, to ensure full control and transparency over how your products are produced, and tested.

Our facilities are global, with a focus on Southern China. Our local Shenzhen office operates a complex auditing program, to ensure the quality, safety and sustainability of each of these facilities.

We aim to provide our partners with an end-to-end service, to simplify the process of launching a product as much as possible. Our production facilities are categorized by size, so whether you need to get 1,000 units out for a market trial, or you’re ready to scale to a multi-million unit production run, we’re here.

Primarily we help partners break into a market, scale their product and get a real understanding of what the market opportunity looks like. After 1-2 years of production, we often help clients integrate a product back into their business, whether that’s taking control of our sub-contractors, or setting up your own production line.

RPD’s production facilities allow you to quickly and simply get a full picture of your market and supply chain, before investing heavily in your most successful ideas.

To find out more about the work in this stage, please see below.

Manufacturing and Production

RPD operates 120 factories around the world, spanning most common manufacturing processes. Our clients produce everything from simple high volume packaging, to lower volume complex electronic products.

We operate these factories on your behalf, embedding our staff in the factory to control quality and project management.

Our facility in Shenzhen is the most common manufacturing hub. We have space available there for client teams to operate and spend time local to the factory.

Production Management


RPD allows you enter the market quickly with a small (1-100k) production run, and then scale. We help you validate a product’s success, and begin returning investment, whilst you setup your traditional processes.

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Import and Export

RPD manages the import and export of goods, from factory facilities to distribution locations. We’ll work with you to evaluate development and shipping plans and map out how best to plan logistics for cost and timing.

Distribution and Fulfilment

RPD often supports the door-to-door logistics of a new product, helping you focus on selling and evaluating the opportunities available.

Supplier on board stages

RPD runs a strict policy on the quality and integrity of our suppliers. All RPD accredited supply chain factories go through an evaluation process which takes up to 2 years. This process considers the welfare of employees, the environmental sustainability, manufacturing capabilities, project management process.

Prospective Suppliers

Application Stage

We select suppliers based on our forecast requirements and their existing capacity. We look for suppliers of varying sizes, to suit different styles of projects, so we’re not necessarily looking for the biggest facilities. A primary factor in how we select factories, is their existing clients – those with strict clients will likely have strong quality and control processes.

Tier 1 Suppliers

Supplying <1 Year

Factories in their first year of supply to RPD will be audited every 3 months. This audit covers everything from equipment, to process, to staff welfare and sustainability. We will also look into the financial stability and links of a facility to ensure that risks of instability are low. We’ll also be looking at any sub-contracted processes or connections, to ensure the full extent of your supply chain meets our standards.

Tier 2 Suppliers

Supplying 1-2 Years

In the second year of supplying to RPD, a facility will be audited every 6 months to continue ensuring that there is no variance in quality, processes or responsibilities. We’ll also consider how a suppliers client profile changes, to ensure they are not becoming exposed by relying on any one client.

Tier 3 Suppliers

Supplying 2+ Years

After 2 years, we will only audit a factory once a year. However, we will carry out regular reviews during manufacturing processes. With all our facilities, if there is a project in production we will have RPD staff on the ground and continuously reviewing the facility.

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