RPD works across a wide range of sectors. We focus on a process of developing products and bringing them to market - meaning that the product category itself is not a constraint on a work. We break our work down into 4 key categories, with a heavy focus on consumer goods.


Consumer Products

RPD works with consumer companies like Unilever and GSK, to help them get new products to market faster. We provide an ability to develop, prototype, certify and launch products, in parallel to their existing systems. This means small teams are able to execute on big ideas. Our ability to scale manufacturing and logistics, means these businesses are able to launch products into market and validate success, before investing heavily in their own infrastructure to support new products.

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Technology and IOT Telecoms

RPD works with technology and telecoms companies regularly – usually developing connected products with RF technologies. We’ve most recently been developing some of the latest NarrowBand IoT and 5G network devices, whilst helping these businesses understand how this technology applies to their market. We also work on many consumer electronics devices, everything from personal audio to more complex radar and security systems.

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Engineering and Manufacturing

RPD often supports engineering and industrial businesses, to help them accelerate typically slow industry processes. This is often in the Energy and Defense sectors, reliant on confidentiality and safety. Our work here ranges from supply chain and cost implementation, to supporting the execution of new technology ideas and building new business operations around them. RPD has also supported some automotive clients with design and procurement services – helping to reduce prototyping and development timelines.

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Brands and Marketing

RPD has helped pioneer the change in advertising and marketing, from a world of banner adverts to a fully immersive and interactive experience. We’ve worked with some of the biggest brands and agencies to develop incredible interactive experiences. We work on everything from instalments and interactive environments to connected and IoT devices. All of these works have been about providing a customer something to remember. In many cases, RPD works with marketing teams to work out how we might create tools and products that support the sale or use of a brand.

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