Rapid Product Development

RPD International Provides Product Development and Manufacturing, to Deliver Innovation.

Rapid Product Development partners with Large and Small Businesses to deliver new products to market and lead the pace of global innovation. We work directly with senior management and R&D or innovation teams, to solve problems, develop sustainable solutions and bring them to market.

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What we do


RPD supports businesses in finding the latest trends and opportunities. We focus on market fit and manufacturing viability, bringing detailed practical knowledge on manufacturing, differentiating from traditional agency models.

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RPD works with you from concept, through to finished product. We work across design, engineering and electronics - integrating all of these services to reduce cost and time in handover.

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RPD is a specialist in scaling manufacturing and works with you on cost-down, certification, testing and optimisation for the product and supply chain. Our facilities are designed to help you begin returning on investment, whilst developing internal production capabilities.

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RPD allows you enter the market quickly with a small (1-100k) production run, and then scale. We help you validate a product’s success, and begin returning investment, whilst you setup your traditional processes.

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RPD are a proactive, highly skilled team capable of delivering well designed innovation in exceptionally fast timelines. My experience working with RPD has been very positive and I would recommend to any organisation wanting to deliver innovation faster than their current internal infrastructure allows.

Jack Harper, Unilever

RPD’s global coverage has been vital to our projects in Southern India, where they are helping us produce remote sensors and devices that aid improvements of sanitary conditions in developing areas.

Tom Adams, Acumen Fund

I genuinely don't know another business who could manufacture something so expertly, without cutting corners in the timeframe they managed.

Steph Mylam, Bacardi

RPD heled us seamlessly move from prototype to production. What would normally have taken us 12-18 months was executed in 6 months. The RPD team produced consistent quality at 10'000 units per month, bringing costs down by 60%.

Soumyadip Rakshit, MysteryVibe

We have a single point of contact, from concept, through to production. We no longer have to go through complex procurement processes with endless suppliers, or invest in manufacturing facilities ahead of certain product sales.

Tom Eldridge, Vodafone

Our Key Industry Sectors

We work with companies and brands to help them discover and create new products in their existing market, or explore new markets.

Consumer Products

We have helped these companies create everything from mobile communications products through to industrial sensor technologies.

Technology and IOT Telecoms

We are working in load bearing engineering projects where security and safety are high priority. This covers aerospace and military applications.

Engineering & Manufacturing

RPD is an integral part of many branding and marketing departments, creating products and campaigns with a huge impact on brand awareness and sales

Brands & Marketing

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