At RPD, we have robust policies and procedures followed at all levels of the organisation to uphold our commitment to accountability and impact in ED&I.
Firstly, we must be clear on what we are focussing on.
Equality at RPD ensures everyone has the same access to opportunities, support and recognition. 
Equity takes this a step further.  We recognise that there are often specific barriers for people because of an aspect of their background, experience or identity.    At RPD, we offer equal access to opportunities and targeted interventions to address the barriers people face to getting involved.
Diversity is about valuing and celebrating our differences, visible or invisible.  It is about embracing the value of different experiences, perspectives and opinions that help us thrive as individuals and as an organisation.  
Inclusion is the culture in which a mix of people can come to work, feel comfortable and confident to be themselves, and work in a way that suits them. Inclusion will ensure that everyone feels valued. 
We believe that you can only reach your true innovative potential if you are open-minded, accept diversity of thought, push boundaries of what is known and use personal experience to encourage and guide the exploration of ideas.
We are great at what we do because we DON’T have a homogenised vision of what engineering looks like.  At RPD, if you have an idea, share it; if you have feedback, share it; if you’re struggling, share it; if you are winning, share it! 
We build our recruitment and retention policies and processes to give us the best chance of securing the best talent in every area of the industry.   We even go into schools, social clubs and neighbourhood organisations to share our experiences and to encourage young people from all backgrounds into STEM subjects.  We are dedicated to ensuring a diverse pipeline of future engineers who bring excitement to an industry that should thrive off a rainbow of ideas.
What can you expect at RPD?
We work together towards our shared goal.
We communicate and collaborate with each other.
We offer guidance and share experiences and ideas.
We care about each other’s well-being.
We are open about the support we need.
We never let a team member feel powerless.
We speak up
We are honest and act with integrity.
We are accountable for what we say and do.
We are reliable – if we say we’ll do it, we do it
We are proud of the clients and products we represent.
We take pride in doing the best we can.
We want to learn, grow and develop.
We look for ways of doing things better.
We consider the impact of what we do.
We listen to and value different views.
We debate constructively and look for solutions.
We take care not to offend or upset.
We are fair and respect everyone equally.
We will never work with clients who do not share our values.

These values are extrapolated into our career development programme to ensure we continually review and improve our processes, behaviours and strategies.