Product Workshops

Engineering sprints designed to validate your work, address your challenges, and help you plan for the next stages of development.

Why take an RPD Workshop?

If you’re considering working with RPD, this is a perfect opportunity to begin getting to know our team, and seeing how our expertise can benefit your project.

Solve Problems

It is common for businesses to come to a workshop with a list of problems or challenges they are currently tackling. Although RPD has a framework for each workshop, workshops are also very flexible; we are more than happy for you to curate your own workshop.

Business & Technical Validation

At RPD, we often see projects getting tied up in the technology and losing sight of the problem they are trying to solve. Accordingly, every workshop will evaluate your technical solution and assumptions against the business requirements to ensure it’s the simplest solution.

Time & Budget Forecasting

Investors shy away from hardware because of the unknowns (and unknown unknowns) and pitfalls associated with development. During the workshop, RPD will work with you to uncover potential future challenges and build a timeline and expected budget to launch your product.

Work With Experienced Engineers

RPD’s focus is always on the big picture: getting your hardware to market. Whether you’re at concept stage or just about to launch - the engineers at your workshop will bring their end-to-end engineering experience with them and centre the conversation around your pertinent requirements.

Idea Launch Workshop

Have you got a solution to a problem or an idea for a product but you are unsure if it's right to invest in?

If so, this is the workshop for you. The Idea Launch workshop is designed to help nurture and validate ideas and ensure that you kick-start your hardware idea with a solid foundation.

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Development Workshop

Have you validated your idea through a proof-of-concept prototype but you’re unsure how to move things forward?

If so, this is the workshop for you. The Development Workshop will help you validate the work you have completed so far and nail down a development roadmap from where you are, to a market ready product.

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Production Workshop

Is your prototype fully functioning but the looming Design for Manufacture / Assembly stage is a big unknown?

If so, this is the workshop for you. The Production workshop aims to prepare you for manufacturing - considering your goals for scale and pricing, and working backwards from real machines - to ensure your product meets your needs.

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