Vodafone Xone Connected Products

RPD's London lab worked alongside the Vodafone R&D team, to develop the product. RPD developed electronic and firmware solutions which were integrated with Vodafone software.


Vodafone Xone IOT Devices









6 Months




Since 2015, RPD has been working with the Vodafone innovation R&D teams to develop a new suite of connected products.


RPD has been working from early concept innovation, right through to production, alongside Vodafone’s software team. We have been developing hardware, electronics, firmware and user interaction studies for these devices.


The first suite of products is based on location, using GPS and GSM networks to locate devices. The BikeXone is the flagship product, a connected bike light to improve security for commuters. The device allows for secure tracking of a bike, with alarm systems for theft. Additionally to this, the device connects to a phone for tracking of various statistics and remote functionality control.


The devices are launching in European markets, along with the accompanying Xone connected products, since 2015.


RPD worked with Vodafone’s internal innovation team to develop their product proposition, redeveloping their existing prototypes and helping them confirms their functional specification for the product. We then helped to develop several iterations of working prototypes, for internal testing.


RPD produced batches of devices that were suitable to be released into small market study groups, tracking usage and interaction behaviour. As RPD and Vodafone went through this process, we have been working with our partner UL to certify the devices for multiple areas safety and security. Finally we are now working with Vodafone to produce the next batch of devices, ready for their customers.


“We have been working with the team at RPD to develop a range of smart devices.” Said Tom Eldridge, Product Innovation Manager at Vodafone. “We have a single point of contact, from concept, through to production. We no longer have to go through complex procurement processes with endless suppliers, hire large engineering teams for short contributions or invest in manufacturing facilities ahead of certain product sales”

The BikeXone light is both a high power bicycle headlight, and a sophisticated security and analytics device. It is controlled by a single multi-funtion button and via your phone, over Bluetooth.

BikeXone is now available for purchase from Vodafone's Xone IOT Connected Products range. The device costs £99, with a £2 monthly subscription.

The rear unit remains securely fastened to the bike, with an alarm and GPS tracking system. The front unit is detachable and capable of charging the rear unit, as well as powering the light.

RPD's development process involves releasing increasing numbers of units for consumer testing. Early batches were hand assembled to receive quick feedback from real users.

Very early prototypes were prototyped in hours by 3D printing processes, to allow rapid iteration of the design. The products were shrunk over time as the electronics were miniaturised.

Early prototypes were developed on Atmel chipsets, using Arduino, to reduce prototyping time and rapid iteration of functionality. The latest models are developed using ARM processors.

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