Sustainable Factory Policies

RPD runs a strict policy on the quality and integrity of our suppliers. All RPD accredited supply chain factories go through an evaluation process which takes up to 2 years. This process considers the welfare of employees, the environmental sustainability, manufacturing capabilities, project management process.


Whilst we do not publicly publish our evaluation process, the criteria cover the following areas:


•  Worker well-being and conditions

•  Worker and site safety measures

•  Manufacturing capabilities

•  Capacity and seasonal loading

•  Manufacturing quality

•  Quality control measures and processes

•  Environmental Responsibility programs

•  Project management processes

•  Financial stability and structure

•  Customer references


There are 3 key stages of evaluation for RPD suppliers, which define varying levels of contribution to projects, regularity of audits and RPD’s on-site presence.

Supplier On-Boarding Stages

Prospective Suppliers

Stage 0 Suppliers

Stage 1 Suppliers

Stage 2 Suppliers

Application Stage

Supplying <1 Year

Supplying 1-2 Years

Supplying 2+ Years

Factories and suppliers can apply to join the RPD supply chain by contacting the UK Procurement Manager.

Stage 0 suppliers work on low risk projects, and test projects to evaluate their capabilities and performance.

Stage 1 suppliers contribute to projects under close review and mostly on-site project management by RPD staff.

Stage 2 suppliers are fully qualified contributors to RPD projects after 2 years, audited once a year by RPD staff.

Suppliers will be required to fill out a self-assessment of their facilities and operation to begin the process.

Stage 0 suppliers are audited every 3 months, these are largely carried out as unscheduled spot checks.

Stage 1 suppliers are audited every 6 months, these are combined with heavy on-site management of client projects.

Stage 2 suppliers are audited once a year, to maintain quality. Projects are often managed on-site by RPD.

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