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We help companies change the world, by developing and producing products that have real impact on consumer lives.

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We contribute to hardware innovation every day. Whether it’s taking an amazing idea from concept to mass-manufacture, or assessing the feasibility of emerging technologies on behalf of investors, our approach to hardware innovation reduces time and risk without cutting any corners.

Our product development and quality control processes are ISO 9001-certified, whilst our ISO 13485 accreditation ensures the highest standards of medical device development.

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Feasibility and Due Diligence Studies

We work with companies and investors to evaluate projects, and ensure you have all the data you need to move ahead.

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Industrial Design Engineering

Our team in London includes industrial design and styling engineers, who help you craft a product that not only looks great, but fits the experience a consumer needs.

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Electronics & Firmware Development

We have extensive experience in electronic engineering and associated embedded systems development to bring products to life.

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Mechanical Engineering

Our mechanical engineering team bring experience from Jet Engines to Robotics to redesign your radiator valves, or the way we use and dispose of plastics around the world.

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Medical Devices

We have a specialism in medical devices, with ISO:13485 approved processes and experience in everything from muscle rehabilitation therapy to fertility analysis.

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Design for Manufacture

A product isn't ready for manufacturing, at the end of design. Our deep expertise in the real operations of a factory, mean that we can optimise products to reduce critical costs and time in production - boosting yield, and maximising sustainability.

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Manufacturing and Production

RPD helps business, all around the world, set up and run their go-to-market supply chains. With teams in China and Europe, we help you build the system that meets your business needs and scale safely. We also help you integrate that new supply chain into your business, once it stabilises.

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