RPD Global Facilities

RPD was founded in 2012 and has experienced rapid growth since then, with 96 successful corporate clients in 2015 alone. We’re now working across 40 countries, with offices in the UK and China. We operate a network of factories and contractors around the world, to help bring diverse capabilities and skills to projects.


We have over 100 factories in our supply chain. These range from 3D printing to mass injection molding and assembly. We put these factories through a stringent 2-year evaluation process, before assigning them full supply chain status. Our Chinese office has a team dedicated to auditing, managing and operating these factories.


Along with the outstanding expertise in-house at RPD, we have a global network of specialists who will often be brought into a project. These specialists have varying backgrounds, from submarine engineers, through to spinal surgeons. It’s this vast combination of backgrounds that is able to give an edge in solution finding – when designing airline seats; we used a spinal surgeon to help us discover the most comfortable designs.

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