RPD engineers name their favourite product development tools

Andy - Formlabs Form 2

“Having a 3D printer capable of making very accurate prototypes in house has changed the way we make products. Before, going out of house for prototyping, we could only do so many development cycles. Now, we can do them daily.”

Eduardo - Angle Grinder

“I love making things sharp! When I worked on fighting robots I would hone a blade until it would cut through an empty soda bottle with a gentle push – so satisfying…”

Ellis - Silverline Deburring Tool

“The deburring tool is a nifty, simple little tool that works through a combination of clever design and witchcraft. Its £5 and it just works”

Andrew - 150mm Mityuto Digital Calipers

Calipers are amazing. These little guys live on our desks and are used daily in checking that the CAD world matches the real world and vice versa.

Gilbert - 150mm Rabone Ruler

“I love how it starts it’s measurement right at the very end, as opposed to plastic sh*t that has an overhang”

Felipe -Multimeter

“So – versatile! It lives on my desk”


Felipe’s Multimeter

Lizzie- Dekton Mini long nose pliers.

“They are the perfect size and a good mix of fine and sturdy and I use them for everything!”

Ben - Wireshark

“I’m using it right now!”

Louiza - LTSpice

“It is an integrated circuit simulation tool. I put every analog circuit I design in there, you get to see how it performs so you avoid spending a bunch of time and money on something that isn’t going to work! They people who designed it specified a simulation time of 10 milliseconds – because that is the supposed attention span of engineers.”