Rotio Compass






4 Months



The Rotio Compass is an intuitive and efficient design tool, offering a unique drawing experience. It allows the user to draw circles and arcs without damaging the page. The project received a huge amount of coverage, because of its innovative and minimalist design, product benefits and large range of user cases.


The project was launched on Kickstarter in 2018, receiving strong reviews and a large number of backers. RPD Accelerate were brought in to support preparation for manufacture, production and fulfilment to all of the Kickstarter backers.

RPD worked with Rotio to manufacture and fulfil their Kickstarter orders for the compass. They received incredible media coverage, and were able to outsource all of their DFM, packaging, production and logistics to RPD – leaving Rotio to focus on sales.

We helped optimise the design for manufacturing cost, and source some of the packaging solutions (that had been selected in the UK at prototype stage) to find local Asian suppliers to support these components.

RPD was able to produce the product, ready for shipment and import into the UK, for distribution.

RPD have set up a 3PL supplier to help ship product to all of the kickstarter backers, and continue to ship as part of Rotio’s ongoing fulfillment operation.




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