Manufacture your product with RPD

Our workshops are a session hosted between you, your team and our engineers, designed to help you plan your manufacturing.

What is the Production Workshop?

Is your prototype fully functioning, but the looming DFM/Assembly stage is terrifyingly unknown? Or maybe you’re looking to optimise production of an existing product?

The Production Workshop aims to prepare your project for manufacturing. A multidisciplinary team of engineers will review your work and build an executable plan to make your ideas reality.

What do I need?

This workshop is designed for somebody that is at least ready to begin DFM (design for manufacture) but can also support people with existing supply chains, or working on a version 2 of your product.

What do we deliver?

We’re here to help you reduce the risk in production, cut costs and build a solid manufacturing business.
We’ll cover:

• The design features that may cause difficulty or cost in production

• The design of your assembly and QA/QC process that add labour costs and chances for human error

• Design recommendations to reduce cost and improve quality/ performance in your product

• Estimated forecast costs for production, including cashflow

• A risk analysis that helps you identify mitigation strategies for the business