Production & Assembly

RPD provides resource in 40 countries to help you bridge the gap between prototype and manufacturing. We aim to provide you with a platform to produce 1 thousand to 10 million unit batches of your products, without investing in manufacturing assets or dedicating your existing core product manufacturing resource.


We use this as a very simple escalation from early prototype production phases, to much larger marketing production. Often companies will work with us to validate a product, coming to the end of a 12-24 month production contract with RPD, they will make the decision whether a new product has been successful enough to internalise the supply chain. By doing this, the risk involved in launching that new product was greatly reduced, requiring no asset investment and little time resource commitment, whilst keeping unit costs low.


Production and Assembly stages often include the following work:


Factory Sourcing and Auditing

RPD runs a strict factory-on-boarding process, with an audit cycle that takes up to 2 years for a factory to be a core part of the RPD supply chain. We have factories in over 40 countries, with varying expertise and capacity – we will select the right factories for your project from that managed supply chain. We use on-site RPD resource to perform reviews and training, to ensure reliability and quality.


Factory Management

During production, RPD uses on-site teams to ensure things are running smoothly. With a large number of our manufacturing facilities based in Southern China, we have a local office that includes a supplier and factory management team. They will perform frequent spot checks on factory production runs and ensure the process is kept consistent throughout. This also gives us incredibly agile capability to make necessary changes to production, or respond to unforeseen issues.


Production and Assembly

We aim to keep your production as simple as possible, we will do all of the leg-work in your supply chain, leaving you to select how many units and where they need to be. RPD will work with our supply chain to select the right factories for each component, and map how these will come together in assembly. We will often perform on-site training to teach workers how a product should be produced and assembled, using client signed-off samples as exemplar units. We will also be able to divide up components in projects with high sensitivity, reducing the number of people who have full awareness of your intellectual property in the production stage.


Quality Control

All of our factories are assessed on their quality control practises. We use the latest technology for analysis. We provide tooling and sizing reports for our batches, with 100% testing available on demand. Our on-site teams will also make spot checks on this process, and on components being produced to ensure all practises are being adhered to in the assembly line. We can also provide laser scanning and analysis reports to ensure incredible accuracy to drawings.


Shipping and Logistics

As production comes to a close, RPD is also able to manage your global shipping operation, moving your product to where it needs to be. This can include either bulk container deliveries to your warehouses, or local distribution down to a customer level. Our shipping teams are based in China and the UK to efficiently manage your global import/export operation.

Working With RPD

These R&D studies range from solving business strategy and innovation programs, to developing and applying new technology in your company.

With a global team of engineers, designers and prototyping facilities RPD develops products and technologies, with rapid turn-around times.

Operating factories across 40 countries, we’re geared to help you launch the first 1,000 consumer test batch, through to fulfilling the 1,000,000 unit retailer deal.

Your global manufacturing supply chain resource, or as a low-risk feed into your internal facilities, we manage supply chain down to customer distribution.

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