Jess Green, Business Development Sector Lead

The world looks set to completely change travel habits as the Coronavirus pandemic sets to alter lifestyles across the globe, according to recent reports.

With people returning to work in a new era of social distancing, what will the traditional commute become?

There has already been a sharp increase in the numbers of people taking up cycling during lockdown. Bike sales have seen a massive boom with many suppliers even failing to meet demand!

eBike and eScooter sales have seen a huge upturn as new audiences scope out forms of sustainable and realistic travel in the post-lockdown world. Governments are preparing for the future, investing in new infrastructure for cycling and introducing new laws relaxing the use of eScooters/bikes in cities.

Now more than ever, innovation is key to the future of eTransport. Where journeys are deemed too long for a commutable distance, we look towards innovation in battery sustainability, usability, and maintenance.  Safety becomes of paramount importance as people invest more – through robust locking systems and development in tracking tools. Storage also comes into play – how can eBikes and eScooters fit into our environments both at home and work?

These questions are just some of many which are surrounding this sector at a time of groundbreaking change, and RPD wants to connect with the innovational companies looking to tackle them.

At RPD, we provide businesses with-end to-end product development and manufacturing services helping businesses get innovation to market, fast. We support businesses through any stage they are at, whether it’s taking an amazing idea from concept to mass-manufacture or assessing the feasibility of emerging technologies on behalf of investors.

In the eTransport industry, we’ve already helped with designing unique scooters and control/tracking modules, as well as sourcing and managing OEM production on the behalf of ebike businesses.

If you’re looking to take the next step with your innovation, you can find out more about our experience and our services, and why we are right for you by contacting us.