RPD International

RPD International helps large businesses launch new products, reducing time and cost in engineering and supply chain.

Accelerating Corporate Innovation

International works with some of the world's largest companies, helping them develop new products and launch new supply chains. With the pace of global innovation increasing, larger companies have struggled to deliver products and meet moving trends. RPD helps take the gap between opportunity and sales, providing everything from design engineering, to production and global logistics.

Our Process

RPD focusses on reducing the time and cost of launching new consumer products. From consumer goods to medical devices, we support engineering, certification, manufacturing and supply chain. RPD handles everything in the development and supply chain, giving you space to launch and scale a brand.

If we can accelerate the pace of innovation in global companies, how far and fast does the world begin to move?


RPD supports businesses in discovering what’s next. We focus on market fit and manufacturing viability, bringing detailed practical knowledge of manufacturing.


RPD works from concept, through to finished product. We work across design, engineering and electronics - integrating all of these services to reduce cost and time in handover.


RPD specialise in scaling manufacturing. We help you set up a supply chain capable of responding quickly to demand, whilst minimising investment at early project stages.


RPD allows you to quickly produce small volumes and then scale. We help validate a product’s success, and begin ROI, whilst you setup your own internal processes.

Our Industries

We're focussed on improving the process of launching a physical product. As a result, we're not tied to any particular technology or industries. Traditionally we have found the most impact in consumer sectors, where the pace of innovation is accelerating, and larger companies, who are looking for ways to continue to lead their market. For many of these products and businesses, we're here for the same reason: to validate ideas, to develop markets and to scale production to profitability. Our projects range from consumer goods to robotics - usually with a focus on improving sustainability, and consumer experience.

Consumer Electronics

We work with the world's biggest consumer electronics brands to trial and launch new products. By accelerating go-to-market, we simplify the validation of real consumer response to innovation.

Medical Devices

As an ISO 13485 approved business, with credentials in the design and manufacturing of medical devices, we work across diagnostic equipment, connected health and drug delivery platforms.

Internet of Things

As IoT becomes a larger part of modern life, we've helped companies see opportunity and quickly address markets, with our existing IP and experience in new Telco networks.

Consumer Goods

In CPG, we launch new F&B, home and personal products, building supply chains that merge our fast go-to-market process with traditional filling operations to innovate in sustainability and customer ex...

Our Recent Work

Novo Powered by E.On

Novo Powered by E.On

RPD helped E.On launch a new brand in the connected home space - Novo. The Novo products are a range of devices to automate the control of heating and cooling, primarily in commercial spaces. RPD was able to help accelerate their internal design team, optimise products for manufacture and produce the first supply chain for launch.

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V by Vodafone

V by Vodafone

RPD has worked with Vodafone since 2013 - helping accelerate the pace of product development for Consumer Internet of Things. We have designed, developed and manufactured everything from bike lights to new Narrow Band IOT network capabilities. RPD continues to work with V by Vodafone, expanding their consumer product offering.

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Playboy Pride is Good

Playboy Pride is Good

In celebration of Pride Month, RPD worked with Playboy to produce a collectible variation of their signature bunny ears in support of the LGBTQ community. Digitally printed on a satin fabric, the limited edition bunny ears are a take on the iconic Playboy Bunny Ears — synonymous with one of the most recognisable brands of the 20th and 21st Century.

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Bacardi Grey Goose

Bacardi Le Club Grey Goose

RPD International worked with Bacardi Grey Goose to create a range of connected jewellery that provided exclusive access into events all around the world. Partnering with their advertising agency, we created sterling silver jewellery that used NFC to recognise a guest, providing you with access into parties around the world, with your favourite drinks ready and waiting at the table.

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Audit and Certification

RPD is an ISO 9001:2015 accredited business, operating a business management system to control quality and information. We are also ISO 13485:2016 accredited, for the design and development of medical devices. RPD operates a quarterly internal audit of our own processes, and is audited externally once a year.

Client Testimonial


“My experience with RPD was fantastic, the team were very responsive and provided incredibly detailed thinking“ - Robert Devito


“A single contact, from concept, to production. We no longer go through our complex procurement processes“ - Tom Eldridge


“RPD are a highly skilled team. I would recommend to any organisation wanting to deliver innovation faster“ - Jack Harper


“ I don’t know another business who could manufacture something so expertly, in the timeframe they manage “ - Steph Mylam

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