Jess Green, Business Development Sector Lead

Education technology is already part of everyone’s lives when it comes to learning. It is difficult to find a part of our lives that technology hasn’t influenced fundamentally. EdTech is here for enabling learning and improving academic performance, and as each day passes the innovation surrounding the sector becomes even more impressive.

With Covid-19 impacting on education across the globe, it is unsurprising that education technology is one of the few industries experiencing a sharp upward demand. One of the first compulsory measures taken by affected countries has been the closure of all schools, which has shone a light on the desire for education technology. Not only has it shown importance in a time of crisis, but it has also highlighted the additional benefits that such resources can have outside of ‘normal’ learning.

The advantages of EdTech are clear for the future as the education landscape looks set to change forever. Multi sense activation including robotics, interactive whiteboards and collaborative platforms are becoming the norm for learning. Augmented and virtual reality bring subjects to life and provide platforms for online events and lectures. Resources provide support for dyslexia, autism and other learning disabilities, offering unique support for their learning. And let’s not forget the simplicity in making learning fun – a key factor to enable better learning for any child.

At RPD, we are proud to have already made great progress in the EdTech scene. Most recently, we have worked with EdTech start-up Spark and Rocket on an extraordinary product. Soundbops is an educational musical instrument, helping children learn. RPD worked with Soundbops to develop the product invented by award winning young entrepreneur, Michael Tougher. Each iteration of the product went through intensive testing with children, schools and parents to find the best solution to teaching young people about music. We worked with Michael to prepare the product for manufacturing and retail.

We at RPD want to hear about your education technology innovations. EdTech is expected to keep the momentum after COVID-19. Experts agree that this sector’s importance during COVID-19 predicts its fundamental integration into most learning forms in near future, and we want to be a part of this by bringing your innovation to life.

We provide businesses with end to end product development and manufacturing services helping businesses get innovation to market, fast. We support businesses through any stage they are at, whether it’s taking an amazing idea from concept to mass-manufacture or assessing the feasibility of emerging technologies. If you’re looking to take the next step with your innovation, you can find out more about our services and why we are right for you by contacting us.