Launch an idea with RPD

Our workshops are a session hosted between you, your team and our engineers, designed to help you plan your product development.

What is the Idea Launch Workshop?

Have you got a ground-breaking solution to a problem or an idea for a market-disrupting product but you are unsure whether it is the right horse to back?

The Idea Workshop is designed to help nurture and validate ideas to ensure that you kick-start your hardware adventure with a solid foundation.

What do I need?

These workshops are designed for somebody with just an idea! Maybe you have some sketches, maybe you’ve gone as far as making some early prototypes. We’ll tailor our input to the areas where you need most help.

What do we deliver?

We’ll help you work through the idea looking at some of the key areas below. We’ll wrap this up into a report you can use to begin the product development journey.

We’ll cover:

• What is the consumer or user proposition of your product?

• How does your product work and is that feasible?

• How can the solution be implemented in technology?

• What is the ideal market price of your product, and what are the likely manufacturing costs?

• How can you make the leap from a concept?

• What are the plans for next steps in your development journey?