Build a roadmap with RPD

Our workshops are a session hosted between you, your team and our engineers, designed to help you plan your product development.

What is the Development Workshop?

Have you validated your idea through a proof-of-concept prototype but you are unsure how to move things forward?
The Roadmap Workshop will help you substantiate the work you have completed so far and help you lock in a robust development road map for your future successes

What do I need?

This workshop is designed for somebody that has early prototypes of their product.
Maybe it’s larger than you’d like, or a bit temperamental. That doesn’t matter! We’ll help you work out how to get it to market.

What do we deliver?

We’ll help you build a development roadmap that will accelerate your route to market, mitigate risks and even help your raise investment.

We’ll cover:

• The current technical challenges

• The user experience for the product and associated packaging

• The expected product development process, costs and timelines

• The potential manufacturing processes, costs and pitfalls

• Design advice for maximising quality and cutting production costs

• Production cost and cashflow forecasting for you and investors