COVID-19 has dramatically affected each and every one of us.

Here at RPD, we have been impacted by the unprecedented consequences of the global pandemic since early January 2020, when our facilities in Shenzhen reported the impending issues over Chinese New Year.

This allowed us to swiftly react to the situation as it unfolded worldwide to keep our employees safe and supported, our clients informed and secure and our network online and protected.

Our staff have been heroic in their efforts to continue business as usual, showing a robust collective responsibility to ensure projects are being delivered on time, to our expected high standards. The switch to remote working has been smooth and team spirit and energy is higher than ever!

We have been fortunate that while global restrictions tighten, our team in China have been able to return to work, keeping our production timelines on track and allowing us to take advantage of the increased capacity many factories now have, to fast track new and existing projects.

We are proud to be supporting the UK government in their fight against the virus – from face masks, to ground-breaking diagnostic tools, to a low-cost emergency ventilator developed in partnership with the departments of bioengineering, surgery and cancer at Imperial College London (more here:

Our team are really excited to facilitate positive change during this period and do everything we can to support those on the frontline.

While we continue to proceed with abundant caution, carefully protecting the well-being of our team and wider community, we are keen to take positive steps to ensure that RPD continues to lead the pace of global change – believing that now is the time, more than ever, to innovate, collaborate and unite our global network in the fight to protect our future.⁣

– Josh Valman