Despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, we are thrilled to see that manufacturing in China is now showing an upward trend.

RPD has a team of production engineering and component procuring specialists based in Shenzhen, who oversee our vast network of over 120 audited factories and suppliers.⠀
They first reported the impact of COVID-19 back in January 2020 and over Chinese New Year.  Our team mostly returned to their hometowns, including Wuhan, with one team member joining the UK office for the duration.

They kept in good spirits throughout, managing to keep our operations ticking even with the intense lockdown measures that were implemented.  With Chinese New Year extended by 2 weeks, the team were pivotal in ensuring our projects remained on plan – not an easy task with factories running at dramatically reduced capacity, or completely shutting down.

Thankfully, our network is robust enough to balance the work needed and we saw almost zero disruption with production, although shipping was, and continues to be a bit of a challenge!

The encouraging news, both for operations in China and the rest of the world waiting to return to ‘normal’, is that our team report that life is very nearly back on track.

Zhao Qinghe from China’s National Bureau of Statistics commented that the “surprising” rebound has come as the country’s “arduous efforts in coordinating epidemic control and economic and social development have generally filtered through.”  This month, China’s National Health Commission reported zero domestically transmitted cases of coronavirus.

From an ‘insider’ perspective, there is more good news.  Our team are back to the office and their friends and family are healthy and safe.

Our system of suppliers and factories are fully functioning, but have seen a sharp decrease in their usual level of contracts and orders, giving us unprecedented capacity to fast track the new projects we have incoming, at highly preferential rates.

This is especially vital in a time where we are working on several projects supporting the fight against COVID-19, where speed to market and cost parameters are both under intense restriction and scrutiny.

We are really encouraged by the bounce back China is showing and relieved for business-as-usual to return to our team in Shenzhen, and hopeful that this pattern will continue for our team in the UK!