BleepBleeps Connected Toys

BleepBleeps are a range of connected toys that use sensors and a mobile app to help make parenting easier. Track prying hands on a cookie jar, or make sure you know if your child leaves the park.


Sammy Screamer









6 Months




BleepBleeps are a range of connected toys. The devices use sensors and a mobile app to help make parenting easier.


Sammy Screamer was the first device launched in Tom Evans’ range. These colourful blocks contain a Bluetooth device that measures range and movement. With variable sensitivity, Sammy can be used to alert you of prying hands on a cookie jar lid, or when your child leaves a set distance from you and your phone.


RPD International worked with the BleepBleeps team on the launch of their first product. We helped them through prototyping, with 3D printing and design for manufacture.


RPD also worked with the team to manage the components manufactured overseas. We worked on tooling for casings and procurement for smaller components. BleepBleeps now run a regular production batch with RPD International in China, using our production and supply chain services to import for UK assembly.


The BleepBleeps team were able to reliably manage a global supply chain, with a small team, by using the RPD supply chain. Our procurement, Factory Management and QC teams were able to ensure the reliability of Far Eastern manufacturing, from their UK based operation.

Sammy Screamer is available in retail stores around the world, in a range of 6 colours. The mobile app is available for iPhone and Android with thousands of customers.

Sammy has magnets inside, and a port for connecting the strap. It can be stuck on a fridge, by those magnets, or tied to an item. The battery lasts months, and is easily replaceable.

Sammy can also be used to keep track of your belongings, alerting you if somebody picks up your bag in a coffee shop, or your bike moves more than a meter from the garage.

The BleepBleeps app acts as a control centre for all of the products. Sammy has settings to adjust how sensitive it's motion and range sensors are.

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