Bacardi's Le Club Grey Goose

RPD worked alongside Mr President to launch a global campaign for Grey Goose's exclusive customers, using a connected product to unlock products and experiences at events around the world.


Le Club Grey Goose









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RPD worked with Bacardi’s Grey Goose premium vodka brand to help them launch their luxury member’s club: Le Club Grey Goose.


Grey Goose approached RPD and agency Mr President to help them launch an exclusive club in Courchevel 1850, France. They were looking for something that would unlock an exclusive experience for guests in the town, when they came down off the ski slopes each night.


Between RPD and Mr President, we came up with a connected luxury tag that would store information about a customer’s favourite drinks, venues and activities on a night out. When they visited a Bacardi activated venue, they would be able to scan their connected device to unlock all of these things – they’d find their favourite drinks on the table, tickets to their favourite show or other entertainment.


The device was handmade by RPD suppliers in the UK. It was hand-crafted from sterling silver, containing and NFC tag for interaction with POS systems around each venue. RPD worked with Bacardi from the conception stage, through design, right to production and logistics for shipping.


The Le Club Grey Goose campaign has now been extended globally, with activated venues around the world, including Ibiza, Monaco and sporting events like the US Open.

The Le Club Grey Goose campaign was launched in March 2015 on the pistes of Courchevel 1850m. The device stores personal information about your favourite drinks and events.

After success in March, Bacardi rolled the campaign out globally, making appearances in Ibiza and at the US Open. The Le Club Grey Goose remains invite only membership.

Grey Goose mixologists roamed the French slopes to hand out devices, loading their favourite drink preferences to the device, ready to be unlocked at venues around the resort each evening.

The hand-made sterling silver goose hangs on a leather suede chord. The NFC chip is enclosed within a decorative knot, used to unlock experiences at trade locations around the world.

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