RPD Advisory

Advisory supports businesses of all sizes explore technical feasibility and the possibilities within a project, whilst considering the costs and route to market involved.

Discovering What's Possible

Advisory exists to support our clients in working out the possibilities. We operate on report based projects - often looking at the feasibility of an idea, it's potential costs and a development plan. We like to think of Advisory projects as the investment case - can it be done, what will it cost, how will it be done? We've worked with FTSE500 companies to evaluate ideas and investments, we've worked with startup to push the boundaries and we've even worked with governments and military businesses to evaluate how things might be done differently.

Technical Feasibility

We work with businesses to solve difficult technical problems. We've delivered everything, from solutions to underground telecommunications to new FDA approved drug delivery systems.

Investment Due-Diligence

We work with investment funds to evaluate technical feasibility of potential opportunities. We assess the existing IP, development program, future production costs and the delivery ability of a team.

Innovation Processes

We work in Energy, Defense and CPG to build processes for managing cost and risk in NPD departments. We implement a culture of innovation, by unlocking the ability to execute on ideas.

Business Forecasting

We've delivered an enormous variety and volume of products and use this knowledge to forecast your product development costs, manufacturing options or cut costs in existing supply chains.

Recent Advisory Projects

Building a Global R&D Program

RPD worked with a Defense business, with 27 global business units, to help then consolidate their R&D efforts into one coherent process. With a very diverse team, there was considerable overlap in R&D investment. The knowledge and skills across the company, were not being fully utilised, as projects overlapped and failed to make use of existing owned IP. The project lasted 12 months, to understand the current ways of working across the business, and build a new process from the most successful features of each program. RPD helped build a playbook for innovation and R&D, supporting implementation across the group. RPD went on to help continue our work I. Supporting commercialisation of research, and developing the program to focus on customer first style projects.

Technical Due Diligence for Hardware Investments

RPD regularly works with Servier’s WeHealth fund, to evaluate their potential investments in hardware and medical device companies. We evaluate the initial technology and IP claims of the business, and then look at their ability to implement this work. Often our work is focussed on manufacturing viability of a project, and the companies claims of go-to-market time or price. We regularly support the decision making around investment phasing or milestones, and in some cases have helped avoid investing in less reputable technical claims from businesses.

Using Technology to Reduce Operating Cost

RPD worked with a global energy business to evaluate how their existing technology costs could be reduced, and further developed to cut global operating costs. RPD evaluated a range of sensor technology that was applied to commercial and consumer gas tanks, around the world. We evaluated how the cost of each of these sensors could be reduced, whilst consolidating technology support and procurement to further reduce cost. We proposed an upgrade to global technology and process, that would reduce operating costs for gas tank filling by a 7-8 figure amount.

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Recent Client Testimonials

“RPD have been very helpful at quickly performing technical due diligence to support Servier's investment decisions“
Quentin Moncorger - Servier

“My experience with RPD was fantastic, the team were very responsive and provided incredibly detailed thinking“
Robert Devito - GSK