RPD Accelerate

Accelerate helps SMEs and Startups develop and launch new products, covering everything from engineering to manufacturing and logistics, so that you can focus on sales.

Helping Small Businesses Grow

Accelerate is the RPD offering that focusses on helping smaller businesses scale. We adapt the services that power some of the largest corporate new product development projects, to be suitable and affordable to smaller businesses. We choose our clients carefully, to make sure RPD is the right choice for your business. We help develop designs, optimise products for production, find cost-down opportunities, manage production and even ship your products to customers. Accelerate's goal is to handle your development and delivery, so that you can focus on sales and growth.

Our Process

We help small businesses take an idea to market, end-to-end, from concept through to shipping a finished product.


Engineer Solutions

RPD Accelerate helps small and growing businesses to design new products. We can help from the point where you have formalised an idea, and are working towards a solution.


Create Real Products

We help develop those ideas, into commercial products ready for manufacturing. We'll evaluate cost and production scalability as a core focus of our engineering effort.


Setup a Supply Chain

Accelerate gives you access to the same global supply chain we deliver millions of corporate products with. We'll create custom global supply chains to reduce risk and deliver.


Deliver your Product

RPD has logistics solutions, plugging straight into your retails and CRM programs - we'll handle your product, shipping it to stores and customers, so you can focus on sales.

Recent Accelerate Projects

Tallyos - Chronos

Tallyos Chronos GPS Tracker

We work with Tallyos to develop Chronos, a GPS tracker with Bluetooth communications, specially designed for companies with large mobile workforces in construction industries.

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Vestemi - Radbot

Vestemi Radbot Connected Home

We helped Vestemi develop and launch their open-source heating control valve. The Radbot TRV controls radiators to help reduce energy costs, focussed on large housing projects.

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Mysteryvibe - Crescendo

Mysteryvibe's Pleasure Products

We have helped Mysteryvibe engineer and manufacture their range of luxury pleasure products since 2015. The connected sex toys are part of a range of products, designed by Seymour Powell and engineered by RPD.

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Rotio - Compass

Rotio's Intuitive Drawing Tools

RPD worked with Rotio to manufacture and fulfil their Kickstarter orders for the compass. They received incredible media coverage, and were able to outsource all of their DFM, packaging, production and logistics to RPD - leaving Rotio to focus on sales.

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Spark & Rocket - Soundbops

Soundbops Education Through Music

Soundbops is an educational musical instrument, helping children learn. RPD has been working with Soundbops to develop the product invented by award winning young entrepreneur: Michael Tougher.

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Wellbrix - Modular Health

Wellbrix - Modular Health

Wellbrix is a range of tools to help relieve knots and strains in muscles, developed with professional athletes, using a magnetic system. RPD worked with entrepreneur Dr Caroline Keddie to bring her idea to life.

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Recent Client Testimonials

“RPD helped us seamlessly move from prototype to production. what would normally have taken us 12-18 months was executed in 6 months. The RPD team produced consistent quality at 10,000 units per month, bringing costs down by 60%.”
Soumyadip Rakshit - Mysteryvibe

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